Become a volunteer

Portobello is entirely organised and arranged by volunteers. It is a place where people can make new friends, have fun and put at the service of the community their experiences and skills and help out!


The activities that you can do inside the Emporium are several, for example:

  • Supply of the shelves
  • Warehouse, logistics, transports
  • Arrangement of the shelves in the store
  • Cleaning, maintenance
  • Cash register
  • Welcoming of the users and contact with services
  • Communication
  • Accountancy

To submit your application to become a volunteer, please download and fill in the document Volontario a Portobello and send it to

Please note: being a volunteer at Portobello does not mean to be entitled to do shopping. To request the permission to go shopping in Portobello, you have to follow this procedure.