Portobello is a community project that involves citizens, business companies, associations and institutions, and it is a place where solidarity is produced; not only a “special”supermarket then, but a place where to make yourself available to others “as much as possible”, either by donating time or money, or by “paying back” what received from the store by carrying out a voluntary activity at Portobello’s facility or at other local associations. Not an obligation for the families who can access the project but a way to make them feel responsible for drawing attention to other people.

The project leader of Portobello is Associazione Servizi per il Volontariato (Association Services for Voluntary Work in Modena, ASVM), which supports the launch phase of the project and coordinates a network of 24 promoters belonging to the world of volunteering and more than 50 partners in the world of institutions, enterprises and associations.

The project is implemented in close cooperation with the social services of the city of Modena, who provided as free loan the real estate in which Portobello is located  and participated in all phases of its design. The aim is to make Portobello a specific and additional resource in the panorama of local welfare and not a doubling of already existing opportunities.

Portobello is not only market

At Portobello it is possible to find experienced consultants in managing the family budget, the rescheduling of mortages, the debt analysis, the choice of financial instruments, the consumer protection to businesses and service providers. Not only shopping then, but also the help to improve its own economic situation, a support in the suppliers’ selection, an aid in the difficult stages that follow a crisis, a first legal advice and support in seeking help as a result of work-related problems.

Why Portobello was born

  • To create a place as respectful as possible of the dignity of the people; for the collection and distribution of essential goods; as an addition to what already existing in the area.
  • To network the variuos parties who are already working to tackle poverty through a community project.
  • To involve the territory, businesses, citizens to support Portobello by means of their volunteer job, money or products donations which allow the supermarket to continue live.