Are you a Company?

Ethic companies

The main purpose of Portobello project is to ensure the supply of the shelves of the store with food that allow to make available the three main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Being an Ethic Company of Portobello project means supporting hundreds of families in their primary need of adequately nourishing themselves. Being an Ethic Company means to protect and guarantee the right to food.

Up to today various local and national organisations operating in the food supply guarantee the supply of the store through direct donations of food: bread, baked goods, flour, pasta, sauces, preserved products, eggs, meat, fish, vegetables…
And not only. Many donations also come from non-food companies that have chosen to complete the offer of the store with products for the body and house cleansing and with clothing.

How to become an ethic company

Portobello adds to its mission of supporting people in need, also the fight against waste food, by proposing itself as the subject available to accommodate surplus production, stocks and stock of products close to the expiry date or with damaged packaging.
You are a company and you want to be part of the Portobello project? There are several opportunities to help…..

  • ADOPT A SHELF: the companies of the food sector that produce goods already on the shelves of the store may take the commitment to constantly provide the shelves with goods. For all other companies it is possible to study ad hoc projects about donations that allow the constant supply of the same product.
  • ADOPT A FAMILY: the companies can choose to “adopt” a family “in close proximity”, supporting therefore for a certain period of time one of the familiar units allowed to shop at the store.

You did not find the right project for your company? The volunteers of the Foodraising group of Portobello are available to study an “ad hoc project” that allows maximum transparency and simplicity of execution.

Contact us, Portobello needs also you!