The warehouse

Fighting against food waste

Portobello also has a LARGE WAREHOUSE, to optimize the management of available food to fight food waste, through the re-distribution of products to the charities of the province.


The associations that built Portobello wanted to provide companies with a logistics facility that can accept even large donations, difficult to allocate in the normal and usual organizations that currently provide aid in the city.
In this way, companies can transform products normally intended for disposal as tainted by aesthetic defects or because nearly expired, in practical help to citizens in need.

Portobello allows you to transform waste into share capital, costs into value, by combining reduced costs, with a tax benefit and an improved reputation.

The donated products are made available not only to the customers of Portobello store, but also to other organizations and groups that deliver aid to the city and are part of the support network promoted by the community of Modena.