Consultants for customers’ problems

They are available on Tuesday mornings.

They deal with:

  • The verification of penalising clauses of the contracts, requests for damages sustained by public and private entities
  • The support for disputes with artisans, merchants, banks, insurances, financials, transportation agencies, gas, water, energy service, land reclamation consortia, trash removal service, fixed and mobile telephony, television bradcastings, public administration.
  • The preparation of the folders for reconciliation efforts at the Chamber of Commerce and extrajudicial at the Justice of the Peace (Giudice di Pace).
  • The mortgages, investment contracts and loans.

Financial Consultants

They are available on Thursday afternoons.

They provide an expert advice starting from the financial analysis and leading to the proposal of a more sober lifestyle, complying to the incomes. On the basis of the family budget, they deal with:

  • Financial consultancy.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Renegotiations of mortages.
  • Loan facility agreements.

Trade Unions

Available on Saturday morning, every 2 weeks.

They provide an initial response to the people who are unemployed and deal with the matter of the the unemployment benefits in the event of dismissal or termination of the contract. They provide references for job research (Temporary Agencies, Job Centres…) and provide information on vocational training courses. Similarly, first answers will be given to those who are in the position of having instruments of individual protection: because of a situation of disability that makes it difficult to find a job; for a disease, even professional; for non-EU citizens who need to provide documents and move among public offices.

Free legal advice – by APS integriamo

The last Saturday of each month, no appointment required.

The legal help desk will only make an analysis of the legal matter in order to identify the real needs of the users and the legal solutions to the problem, starting from listening to the problem reported by the users, so that they will know which are their socially due rights and what their responsibilities. The goal is to make people aware of the procedures provided in order to claim their rights and to make them involved and conscious of the civil or criminal responsability of their behaviour, in order to avoid to undertake the judicial when unsustainable. The service therefore only offers oral advice to direct the users to the offices and the relevant departments and services with reference to the existing problems.